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Two weeks ago I came back from a hackaton in Dubai due a competition we won last october(the prize was participate into the Dubai’s Mobility Hackaton by Youth For Public Transport). We flew 24 hours from Guadalajara to the event, then we were developing our product(business model, prototype, slides, pitch) and we presented the project to some Dubai’s authorities such as the Dubai Prince, CEO of Careem, CEO of RTA, head of Y4PT among others. Our project was a virtual assistante to move through the city in a clean, fast and sustuinable way, with this we won the 3rd place. It was such an amazing experience to meet people from around the globe and share ideas and see different ways of thinking about the global problems we are living in. After this we presented the project in an expo, in the Dubai World Tarde Centre for a couple of days. It was great to have won a price, but it is more important to me the experience, the possibility to aquire a new global vision and have fun with this amazing experience. We are looking forward to win the next edition of this event next year in Sweden!

La imagen puede contener: 2 personas, personas sonriendo

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